Symposium in Memory of Sten Harris

Oslo, 23-24 August 2012

Sten Harris

Sten Harris (1942 - 2008)
A pioneer in audiology and paediatric cochlear implantation

Presentations from Memorial Symposium will be online for a few months after the meeting

Helge Rask-Andersen Sten and Giddy Whorls (2.2MB)
Eva Karltorp CMV infections and hearing loss
Geir Siem Genetic background to severe/profound congenital deafness in Norway (0.3MB)
Jon Shallop Update: Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (2.8MB)
Lisbeth Wingaard Hearing loss in children: challenging groups
Borghild Landsvik Parent counselling
Marte Myhrum HINT in children
Filip Asp Sound localization in infants
Ona Bø Wie Early implantation and bilateral implantation
Mattheus Vischer Sequential implantation (1.6MB)
Henrik Strøm-Roum Sequential CI – speech recognition and lateralisation
Greg Eigner Jablonski What can imaging tell us? Flat Panel Detector CT – a look into the cochlea
Ralf Greisiger What can objective measurements tell us? (1.4MB)
Marie Bunne CI in children with complex disorders (0.8MB)
Inga Bostad CI in complex disorders – a parent’s perspective
Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram CI in children - a teamwork from the start (0.2MB)

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Marie Bunne


Organising Committee
Marie Bunne, MD, PhD, senior consultant, Head of Otology Section*
Greg Jablonski, MD, PhD, senior consultant*
Eva Karltorp, MD, Head of Cochlear Implant Section, Karolinska  Sjukhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Mattheus Vischer,  MD, PhD, ORL Dept., Inselspital, University of Bern, Switzerland President of the Swiss ORL Society
Ole Tvete,  audiophysicist*
Ona Bø Wie, PhD, speech & language teacher*
Kjell Rasmussen, audiophysicist*
Lisbeth Wingaard, audiologist*

*) Section for Otology, department of Otorhinolaryngology, Division of Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital, Norway